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Takeaway Boxes FAQs

Takeaway Boxes FAQ

Are plastic takeaway boxes safe?

We have all been guilty of reheating plastic takeaway boxes but recent studies have shown that they shouldn’t be reheated as toxins from the plastic can leak into your food that can be hazardous. Plastic takeaway boxes should only be used to store food unless it is microwave safe. If you are worried about your takeaway box not being microwave safe, then you should remove the contents and place them into a safe container and reheat it that way. 


Is it safe to put hot food in a plastic container?

If you are a meal prepper or like to store your hot food in plastic containers, there are a few things that you should consider. It is best to transfer the hot food into the container and leave it to settle for an hour or so. This will stop any condensation from steam building up when the container lid is secured.


Is it safe to reuse takeout containers?

Takeout containers are designed to be durable and have a high melting point which means that they can be reused. The question regarding how safe it is to use takeout containers depends on how you are using the container. If you are using the container to simply store items, then it comes down to your own discretion but if you start to see discolouration, stains and cracks – it’s probably best to part with the container and order another takeaway (lucky you!).


Are plastic containers BPA free?

BPA’s which are formally known as Bisphenol-a are found in polycarbonate plastics. They are usually found in plastics that are hard, clear or clear tinted. If you are worried about BPA’s being in your containers, you should for BPA-free specific containers or use a glass alternative. 


Can foil takeaway containers be recycled?

Recycling can be confusing at times and you will find yourself wondering which recycling bin items of rubbish fit into. With foil takeaway containers there are multiple segments to the product. The foil base can be recycled alongside your other foiled items such as kitchen foils, pie trays etc. The cardboard top can also be recycled with your cardboard recyclables. Make sure that any food waste is disposed of before placing the container in the recycling bin. 


Can you put foil containers in the oven?

Aluminium foil containers are usually oven safe and have a temperature tolerance of -20 degrees to 400 degrees. This means that they can be used in ovens safely. You should never place a foil container in the microwave. 


Can you reuse foil trays?

Aluminium foil trays can be reused. If you wash and reuse the tray, it can be used multiple times. You must take into consideration that foil changes shape easily and can tear with excessive movement. 


How do you dispose of aluminium foil? 

Make sure that you scrape any existing food from the foil tray into the bin. To rinse aluminium foil trays, you can place them underwater and give the surface a quick rub. If you are recycling kitchen foil make sure that you scrunch it into a ball. The bigger the ball is, the easier it to recycle. One trick to test if aluminium foil is recyclable is to scrunch it in your hands. If it springs back open it is not recyclable.


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