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Paper Straws FAQ

Paper Straws FAQ

How much do paper straws cost vs plastic?

Paper straws are usually more expensive than plastic straws. Paper straws are not as durable as their plastic counterparts and often customer will have to ask for multiple paper straws throughout their visit. 


Are paper straws bad for your health? 

Drinking through a paper straw can be beneficial for the health of your teeth. This is especially true if you frequently drink sugary liquids or liquids that are known to stain the teeth such as coffee. Drinking through a paper straw can also be more hygienic than drinking from a canned beverage as harmful bacteria can sit on the edge of a can during storage and transportation. 


Are paper straws made from trees?

Yes, paper straws are made from trees. There are however many environmental benefits to paper straws including the fact that they come from trees which are a renewable source. Paper straws are also biodegradable compared to their plastic counterparts. 


How do paper straws help the environment?

Paper straws are made from a renewable source. The main material of paper straws are, yes you guessed it – paper. Paper is made from trees which are a renewable source and beneficial to the environment. 

There have however been recent studies that the transportation and manufacturing of paper straws take more water to produce. 


Can you use paper straws for hot drinks?

Paper straws aren’t suitable for use in hot drinks. Exposure to heat can make the straw fall apart and go soft quickly. If you are searching for a straw to drink your hot drink with, we recommend trying an option that is a little sturdier such as silicone, stainless steel, glass or bamboo.